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What does chasing the dragon mean

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What does chasing the dragon mean

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May 16, Jonathan Daniele Drug Addiction QA Drug lingo is a part of an underground language that is meant to keep terms at bay to so that authorities will not catch wind of what is actually going on. People that buy drugs or sell drugs will use a secret language on text, a phone call or FaceTime, or even on to keep from getting caught for their illegal activities. This covert jargon can include specific drugs that are being consumed or how the drugs are ingested into the body. The expression in one way refers to how someone uses heroin through smoking it. Heroin turns into a sticky substance that wiggles around like what one may envision a Chinese dragon to dance like.

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Publication types. The development of disease associated with other routes of administration highlights the lack of knowledge about the etiological agent and the importance of determining its identity. So, you're broke and own nothing.


The date of death was available for seven of the deceased, for these the median time between symptom onset drahon death was 54 days range: days. This covert jargon can include specific drugs that are being consumed or how the drugs are ingested into the body.

The clinical and imaging findings of three of the Vancouver cases are presented elsewhere [ 2 ]. DOI: No associations were found with type of aluminium foil commonly purchased at the local supermarket ; or with other underlying conditions or medication other than methadone.

Publication types

Clarity of quantity and purity of heroin used by cases would allow a better understanding of a dose-response relationship. This is the largest of cases reported in North America which are temporally and geographically defined. Chasing the dragon may be part of a secret code that could get you closer to actually chase your life away for good.

literature has been mostly published in neurology and radiology journals as clinical case reports; isolated cases make it difficult to determine risk factors for this condition. The moving smoke is chased after with a tube through which the user inhales. At the time of writing, 'chasing the dragon' has now been reliably reported from many parts of the world but not from others with an established heroin problem-such as the United States and Australia.


The etiology of heroin-related toxic leukoencephalopathy requires further research and public health involvement. The delay between heroin use and symptom onset also reduces the likelihood that implicated heroin is available for testing. Additionally, a small puff can be inhaled as a method of gauging the strength of the heroin.

For the Chinese film, see Chasing the Dragon film. I doubt an example is necessary here. One heroin sample from a Vancouver case was tested with only common cutting agents identified. Although an etiologic agent has not been identified, we have a better understanding of the population at risk.

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Still feels good, but not as good as first time. Chasing the dragon This term is a bit more complicated than merely "smoking opium ". But, soon, it starts wearing off. You want to go back to that little dream world and stay forever, but your body is already developing a tolerance. Also, the illicit nature of drug use may cause concerns about sharing information regarding other drug users or the source of heroin. Call us today: If you are someone you know is battling chasing the dragon, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can help you to maintain your sobriety.

Family members may have little prior knowledge of the case's drug use, limiting the information provided through collateral history.

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Discussion We have characterized 27 cases of leukoencephalopathy associated with 'chasing the dragon'. People that buy drugs or sell drugs will use a secret language on text, a phone call or FaceTime, or even on to keep from getting caught for their illegal activities. However there is likely tne as physicians are required to actively chasimg the condition to public health, some cases may have been mild and spontaneously recovered and others attributed to other etiologies.

Research into the prevalence of 'chasing the dragon' will help determine the potential risk for further outbreaks and may indicate a need to modify both educational, treatment and support services for this group of heroin users. That's chasing the dragon.

Chasing the dragon

This finding was similar to a case report in the literature of a patient with an isolated exposure who had a complete recovery, and is consistent with a dose-response relationship [ 312 ]. Reported clusters of leukoencephalopathy have been associated with smoking heroin.

One of the most common of these adulterants, talchas an apparently greater potential to damage the lungs as well as other organs, such as the kidneys when present in the bloodstream than when inhaled. Although the source of heroin differs between Canada and US, and the epidemiology and prevalence of 'chasing the dragon' in BC is poorly understood, the incidence and risk of the resultant leukoencephalopathy is clearly low.

Collaboration with public health, health professionals, law enforcement and persons who use illegal drugs, would facilitate the early identification of cases to enable timely and complete follow-up including obtaining heroin samples. Excluding this case the mean duration of chasing the dragon was 9.

Chase the dragon

Your mind races, you're pulled out of your dream world. The moral of the story is to stay away from any dragon that has implications to smoking drugs.

Limitations of our study include incomplete case and drug information. We believe this indicates the contaminant is likely added close to the final delivery stage, rather than at the original source. Although a specific etiology has not been identified, a toxic agent added to the heroin, or a combustion by-product, remain the leading theories [ 62122 ].

Of the cases that died, the minimum time of smoking heroin was three years. It is therefore important to ensure key stakeholders are aware of these findings and the association of leukoencephalopathy and heroin smoking.