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Submissive sissy girl slave

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Submissive sissy girl slave

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He was hoping Mistress's friend would quickly his notebook, so that he could leave. So I told her I would send you over to visit her.

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It also became obvious to the Sissy just how fiendish Mistress had been. And Mistress had cut all the crotch area out of the tights so as the sweater rode up with each step; it was like a girl in tight shorts showing off her ass cheeks! As the sweat dripped, it damped the fuzzy itchy mohair sweater, making the Sissy even more hot and itchy.

Then Jodi tightly retied his mitten hands together Jodi then reapplied some fresh pink lipstick. Then Susan had the Sissy siesy and face her again.

So let me help you. It smelled and some of the poo stayed on the tip of his nose. And with your arms bound up in back, if your wee-wee does come out, well there is no way you can tuck it back in!! Record all sexual acts and send them to your master or slave.

Before poor Sissy could say a word, Susan walked up to him. His earrings were jingling, his wee-wee getting sore from rubbing against the coarse wool mittens, and sweating in the thick itchy wool sweater which was riding further up, exposing his rear cheeks to passing by traffic. The poor Sissy was soon sweating, the sweat dripping down his face and body.

He was sure he looked ridiculous humping the boot in the middle of the road, but soon he had a bit of a sweater tent. With that Jodi pulled the Sjssy arms behind his back. When he was done, Jodi pushed the Sissy's wee-wee and balls back and rebuttoned the sweater. We don't save any private information about you. With that Jodi and Susan each gave the Sissy a hard slap on his rear and laughed.

What an adorable outfit. The Sissy could not get it off. Looking up, he saw Mistress Jodi drive up to the trailer. If she said there would be a punishment or penalty for not obeying her orders, the poor Sissy knew that is what would happen. Mistress added pink sisy crew socks, pink sneakers with lacy shoe laces and thick white woollen mittens with tassels. Steve began to protest. Then she took her phone and made a call to Jodi, telling her that Pussie had arrived, and how amazed she was that anyone could be so Sissyish and obedient.

The Sissy tried to ignore them but they would not stop. As he squirmed the sweater pulled up further into his rear crack, and his cheeks were almost fully on display.

Soon his mouth was filled with dirt and mud. It had spave a very rainy spring in the DC area so there was lots of mud and puddles.

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The sweater was deed as a slightly cropped sweater which came just to the waist if one were wearing it normally. If you can imagine it looked like the Submiasive was wearing a woolly leotard that button down through the crotch over tights! Then she turned and grabbed a big pink satin hair bow and gigl it on the top of the Sissy's head.

Fortunately the bus he needed was there, but again he had to fumble for change.

Dominant or passive?

If I find so much as one speck of dirt, I will not your little Sissy notebook. By that time, the poor Sissy was miserable and felt totally degraded and abused. The development site was one big construction area with new homes being built. Luckily for suubmissive the train ride was just 6 minutes, so when the train arrived at the station, the Sissy submissibe as fast as he could out of the train and upstairs.

No, in fact I like the fact your are this submissive. As Susan had said, he walked with suvmissive small steps stopping anytime he felt his wee-wee starting to push out of the sweater.

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Lots of people saw him, some in cars and walking. So what you are going to do is go walk across the road and stand in the middle of the submossive island and clean the boots there. She did not believe me that anyone would be so submissive. The sales trailer was set on a temporary parking lot, and to the Sissy's relief, Susan's BWM was the only car there.

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Let us show you the variety of porn gay videos they submisisve for you to access day and night. Mistress wrapped pink tape around the end of the mittens and the Sissy's wrists so he could not remove the mittens. The sweater was cobalt blue mohair with little pink, red and purple fuzzy pom-poms. Jodi had the Sissy pull on the tights. I told her about some of my clients including you.

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She pulled the sweater down to cover his ass. Then she got a wet towel from inside the trailer and gently wiped all the dirt from the Sissy's face including the poo on his nose. Dominant or passive?

Any dirt and she would not his notebook. Standing exposed on the island, he heard some more cars honking their horns. However as the poor Sissy would soon find out, that was not to be.

Everyday life of a true submissive sissy slave

Then she started walking toward the door. He could not untie the knot with his hands in the thick wool mittens and they were really thick and heavy! Then submissiv two women walked toward the trailer and told me to follow them.