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Sloppy seconds with my wife

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Sloppy seconds with my wife

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These can range from just some innocent flashing and teasing to completely slutty nights or embarrassing situations that turned you red, but also on at the same time. We are looking for true tales of secinds one time that I was slutty', and specific experiences rather than general tendencies, or mere fantasies. When zloppy confessions be sure to leave gender and age just to make things more fun for the readers. Do not be afraid to share!

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US law considers any posts about sex involving anyone under 18 to be child porn, so s,oppy not allowed to post stories or confessions involving anyone under 18 here even if it is you. I, on the other hand, have not.

Wife sloppy seconds porn

We said our good-byes, hugged, kissed, sweetly, and I went home. You see I've always had a fantasy of her fucking another man, but she's never been seriously interested in following through with it. If someone expresses their interest, this is what DMs are for.

Repeated infractions after being warned by the Mods will slopppy you eligible to be banned for ny us. I knew something was unusual about that so while she was still showering I snuck over to where she took off her clothes to see what her panties looked like. Yea, he's about twenty years older than she is, but I must say he's probably in better shape than I am and is known to be somewhat of a ladies man.

Instead, I ran to the kitchen and put them in a plastic bag so that I could savor their aroma for days to come. This will at least show that you are a real person, giving more legitimacy to your confessions. They've always gotten along extremely well and overtime Tracy has become seconvs fond of him. Iwth three hours late getting home from work.

I caressed them both and kissed her deeply and whispered to her how beautiful she was. My dick is about to explode and wild thoughts are racing through my mind.

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I tried too call her cell phone, but she hasn't answered. If you must mention high school AKA 6th form sexual shenanigans, make your age at the time of that event clear. We went out to breakfast together. It was beautiful and tender.

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After doing so, I quickly ran back to bed still pretending to be asleep. I wanted to go straight under the covers part her legs from behind and bury my nose and mouth into her moist pussy, but I knew if I did that part of her moistness may come from my iwth which wasn't what I was craving. After "B" rolled off his wife, "C" rolled on to her side, and his cum was starting to leak from her pussy down her ass cheek. She immediately realized what I was doing and half-heartedly tried to resist by placing her hand over her pussy, but she quickly moved it out the way.

Play by the rules and nobody gets hurt! Anyway, Donnie seized the moment. As I was fucking her from behind, she was obviously getting into it also so I asked her who'd she been fucking tonight. I hear the door open.

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It's 2am. So I went with plan B. We fooled around but didn't really have sex the next morning. I'm not sure why.

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I pulled out completely and wiped my wet cock on her thigh. I guess that's the biggest turn on for me.

It wonderful to see "C" giving "B" tiny loving kisses as he relaxed on top of her after cumming wite her. We are very sensitive to posts deed merely to drive traffic to your profile, and will also remove those: make your confessions genuine and specific. What should I do? She works the night shift at a local truck line. I slipped my very stiff cock into her pussy.

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She immediately straddled him and began to fuck him right there in the seat of his truck risking being caught. You can select a 'pre-programmed' reason, or select 'other' and go into detail if some explanation is required. Tracy made my fantasy come true that night and hopefully will again. I think it has to do with being in unfamiliar, strange immoral situations. If you're lucky, you fantasy may come true one day! Not just sex, but love. I had "C" roll on to her back and I cleaned up the cum from the outside of her pussy.

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Both of the above two rules are violations of Reddit's Terms of Service, and we moderators will remove them; we'll say why it was removed, though. When it started to feel too good, I pulled almost all the way out, drawing more of "B"'s cum from her pussy.

Please only DM a Poster if there is something that can't be put in a comment -- here, we prefer that you do comment -- and under no circumstances may you harass the Poster. My cock was coated in his cum and there slloppy a lot collected around the head of my cock. Should I wake her up to talk about it? I pride myself as being their clean-up boy. It didn't take me long to figure it out.