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Sex rp kik

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So, without further ado, here rpp goes. I am 23, I am a female. I have 7 years of roleplay experience under my belt. So its fair.

Age: 32
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City: Coopersburg, Cambridge Springs
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I'm not just looking for any guy so DON'T kik me if you aren't into this topic. RMR also provides partnerships with r; roleplaying servers. If you are still interested, here are some more of my preferences.

Must be able to give me at least a paragraph each reply. Are you sick of putting on inactive websites and never receiving any response? I'm looking for something very specific and if you do not meet my criteria I will not talk to you.

Sexual roleplay on kik

I have tons of kinks so just ask. Because I will be doing the same for your half.

I am your love interest for you, you are my love interest for me. No creeps I will block you. I am 23, I am a female.

I'm very twisted sexually and am looking forward to talking with some like minded guys! Roleplaying is the only thing I have going on right now aside from being a wife and a mom LOL.

This is strictly fantasy role play and in no way resembles anything I have done in real life or plan to do. Kik is soapysophia So sec you are interested.

Please be a good conversationalist and able to contribute equally in role plays. Roleplay Meets Reborn RMR is an active, friendly, roleplay search community, with the primary goal of helping roleplayers find new partners.

I'm18 so you better be too! I'm not opposed to sending naughty pictures but the main focus should be on our role play so don't expect lo of picture sharing. Well today is your lucky day!

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So its fair. Do NOT hit me up if you are looking for smut only.

I have no social life. Do NOT hit me up if you are homophobic because I am bisexual and will have bisexual characters. I get everyone has kki life and gets busy sometimes, but when you leave me hanging for a week without a word, or without even trying, I will drop you.

The more perverted you are the better! I'm not looking for someone who just wants me to make up a story for them. Topics such as incest, nepi, rape, snuff, and breeding are all favorites of mine.

RMR has a lot of diversity; we accept all people over the age of 18, no younger. Just be sure to read the kil I have 7 years of roleplay experience under my belt.

I roleplay on KIK only. Seriously if you're not into this topic and the rules I have laid out do not bother! So, without further ado, here it goes.

If you are into this though we can have lots of fun! We offer an inviting atmosphere where you can insightful discussions about roleplaying, and chat about other aex. I am literate and descriptive. So please lovely people, hit me up! Please be available most of the time. Please, someone, anyone! I am in alot of fandoms so just ask!

I will more than likely want you to play as Derek R; from teen wolf. We as well provide helpful resources for everyday roleplaying needs.