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Self impregnation stories

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Self impregnation stories

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He grimaced, despite the pleasant sensations as his palm brushed over a bare bee-sting of breast, his flat never-been-pregnant belly, the sensitive vaginal slit below his navel, his unimpressively-sized but perfectly responsive arrow-shaped cock, and finally his never-permitted-to-carry-out-their-genetic-duty testicles in the velvety sack beneath his tail. Compared to most - hell, no point temporizing, all - of the other dragons living in the caves pockmarking the chalk-white valley walls, he was pathetically small and weak. He would never have been impreynation and sought-after like one of the tall, muscular hunters with a wingspan so broad they could carry a whole slain elk back to their mate and children.

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Gently letting the rest of the tension out of his back, Lisseth whimpered as he impaled himself, even bending his knees and stretching up on his toes until he was in to the absolute hilt, and totally filled.

Lisseth felt the familiar sensation of his balls drawing up against his body, and the unfamiliar wonderful feeling of his pussy clenching around his rod, trying to pull it as far in as possible. It can be done by means of a chemical solution or an electric charge. His dick had the same idea, the little shivers and spasms as he got close helped the head burrow in as near as possible to the mouth of his womb, trying to deliver all that seed directly to the egg it hoped was there; that wasn't there today, but would be there tomorrow.

Rejections of unwanted suitors went from polite demurrals or witty insults, to screaming and clawing; especially, it seemed, when this behavior was directed toward Lisseth, because some of the other dragons impregnatioh the valley seemed to have a paranoid fear that he might 'contaminate' them with ugly patchwork babies just by getting too close. No, he groused, still bitter but beginning to get distracted from his musings, they had no need to worry.

Taking a deep breath, Lisseth put his fingers back into his impregnatio, this time storiew them in as deeply as they would go and scissoring them to stretch his tunnel deliciously open and ready. Hell yes, thought Lisseth, taking a palmful of the jelly from his slit and starting to massage it luxuriously into his cock, like a hunter having his muscles kneaded impreynation and scales oiled by his admiring mate before an important hunt.

And he was going to shoot his hot cum exactly where it belonged - in his own womb. The first stirrings of heat fever were stiries his concentration too much to do anything more useful. Lisseth gasped at impreghation sensation, instinctively started to straighten his back, and gasped again as this resulted in another inch of his throbbing prick being buried in the silken inner folds of his pussy.

But he was used to loneliness; most of the time it wasn't hard to ignore as he went about life's business of hunting and foraging, occasionally rebuilding his nest, repairing a tool, making some minor improvement to his small cave, and gathering firewood when the weather was dtories.

He had even dreamed of being pregnant the other day: how gloriously round his belly would get with eggs, how his tiny breasts would grow and fill with milk as he sat on the eggs keeping them warm, how his children would love their bearer regardless of the color of his feathers. No, he would have to claim that some other dragon had sired the eggs. Frantically the little patchwork dragon caressed his straining balls with one hand, and with the other rubbed his rod where it made his skinny stomach bulge with every thrust.

He moaned, feeling the slick slide of his fist around his shaft and imagining how much hotter and slicker it would feel to slide his achingly full cock into his achingly empty cunt. Even his eyes were odd-colored; the one set against black skin was golden brown while the one set against white skin was a pale blue.

With one elegant gesture he could flip his tail in their faces and give himself what those morons wanted most to deny him - a gorgeous, bulging belly full of eggs!

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This is a public story, so I absolutely encourage anyone to write their own chapters if they feel like doing so Likes. For men suffering defeat merely have loss of their possessions to worry about, while your biggest concern is walking away with something a little extra. Pinching and twisting his nipples, the particolored dragon started begging no one in particular, "Oh yes, fuck yes, so close, gonna squirt my cum right exactly where it belongs, fuck my belly big and fat with my own eggs and none of them will ever know, oh gods yes so wrong, so good, almost, right Lisseth grimaced at the very thought.

Of course he had masturbated before by fisting his prick with one hand while thrusting the other in and out of his slit, but this Or rather, it did not feel right; it felt so wrong it was perfect.

If there had been one, he would have felt it getting ready to drop down into his womb to be fertilized by the torrent of seed he felt welling up in his balls. Not just dangerous; it was also pathetic and a stupid waste of energy to keep begging for affection where he knew he wasn't going to find any. I love comments! Lisseth bit his lip in anticipation, and pulled his erection upward against his flat stomach.

When it wasn't srlf, it was tolerable.

Worse than a dragon who didn't want you anywhere near them impregnatioj a dragon who didn't want you anywhere near his mate, or one who had lost a fight and was looking for a safe target to take his rage out on; Lisseth still had four parallel claw marks on the back of his neck from where he hadn't been able to duck out of the way quite quickly enough.

Lisseth rolled onto his back, his favorite position for masturbating.

No wonder, Lisseth thought with almost religious awe, no wonder this is totally forbidden even when it's not heat season and there's no risk of knocking oneself up with an incestuous egg. Today I am reminded of that time after reading an article from MSN news about the marbled crayfish, which is had its origins in North America where its mother species, the Slough crayfish, was sold overseas to places like Germany as pets.

When heat-scent started to perfume the air, it made everyone increasingly crazy. Not as dramatic, perhaps, but this version of the plan had its own charm - the other dragons might be impressed that he had found a mate, might even respect him a bit more because he would finally be a full adult by their standards; and all the while he could glory in his dirty little secret of having broken their darkest taboo and ipregnation around with the evidence of his crime right before their clueless faces in the form of his growing stomach.

His body yearned to bear. No impregnatiin who tried it would ever want to have 'normal' sex again.

Lisseth growled to himself and left off petting himself in favor of pacing. Urges that the little piebald dragon felt as intensely as anyone else, but damned if there was a single other dragon interested in being on their receiving end. Compared to most - hell, no point temporizing, all - of the other dragons living in the caves pockmarking the chalk-white valley walls, he was pathetically small and weak. Lisseth's hands darted up to his nipples and he cried out at the intensity of being able to fondle both breasts at once; usually he was forced to leave them neglected while his hands were busy coaxing a climax out of his cock and cunt, and dutifully making sure none of his cum went near his slit.

Futa self impregnation stories

But then again, that meant he was not committing himself today, he could relax and lose himself in the amazing sensation without worry. If Lisseth had had any remaining doubts about getting himself pregnant, the sheer rightness of the feeling erased them. Parthenogenesis in women is a topic rarely spoken of, although I do remember a of occasions where parthenogenesis in women was the topic of discussion.

There are stories and surveys that shed light on the subject and you may be surprised at what selt discover. The particolored dragon whimpered, unbearably aroused by the idea that tomorrow he was going to make his flat belly start growing nice and round with an incestuous egg. After the second time he had been beaten for just hovering on the edge of someone's territory longing for a kind look, he had realized how dangerous it was to wander around wishing that someone would change their mind and decide to tolerate the freak courting them.

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Suddenly Lisseth's hands froze and his eyes snapped open as the logical part of his mind caught up with his imagination. Scientists have already been able to successfully create human embryos via artificial parthenogenesis.

A good search will find a lot of good information out there about parthenogenesis in the realm of scientific, theosophical, and theoretic. Unnoticed, Lisseth's feet drifted to a halt and his fingers wandered back to his nipples, massaging them in tantalizing circles. There was no way simply penetrating or being penetrated by another dragon could feel as good as making love to oneself like this.