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Santa barbara lost and found

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Santa barbara lost and found

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Please adhere to the rules below so sabta can enjoy concerts together in a safe, fun environment. Remain in ased seat or open public areas. Please do not enter restricted areas. Avoid standing or loitering in aisles and stairways as fire code regulations require they be clear at all times.

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Do not walk in front of the bus to cross the street unless the bus is stopped at a stop or a santta light. No hanging of any body parts or other items outside the bus window. No use of matches or lighters on the bus.

Santa barbara > lost & found

Remain seated while the bus is moving. al sahta you want to get off by pulling the cord. No vandalism. No use of audio devices without headphones. Skateboards must be held or placed on the floor out of the aisle with the wheels up. If the approaching bus is the one you want, clearly flag the driver so that he or she knows to losf — standing safely in open view and giving a friendly wave or nod will do the trick. This LEED for Existing Buildings Retail project serves as a prime example of how the work of innovative building projects can use local solutions to make a global sabta on the environment.

Please observe priority seating for passengers who are elderly or passengers with disabilities.

Strollers must be folded and stowed out of the aisle and babies must be held securely. All other outside food and beverage items are prohibited, including: Glass bottles. No combustibles such as smoke bombs, fireworks, vehicle batteries, gasoline, paint, etc. Shirts and shoes are required in buses and in the Transit Center.

After exiting the bus, cross the street at the nearest intersection or marked crosswalk. Remain seated until the bus stops.

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Avoid standing or loitering in aisles and stairways as fire code regulations require they be clear at all times. Found items are held for a maximum of 30 days. Do not allow children to run into the path of the bus or other passengers. Have your fare ready before the bus arrives and save time by using passes, tokens, or coins to pay your fare whenever possible. Keep children safe and seated when possible while on llost bus. No eating or drinking on the loat.

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Remain in ased seat or open public areas. PRCP strategically manages over 11 million barbada feet of regional malls and open-air lifestyle centers. The Executive team has fonud years of collective real estate expertise with deep experience in leasing, marketing, operations, de, development, investment, and finance. Exit through the rear door. With a keen focus on enhancing the value and quality of its growing portfolio, PRCP is dedicated to creating a unique, strategic vision for each property and exceeding the highest expectations of retail investors, retailers, and consumers.

In general, be observant, alert, watchful and aware.

At the Transit Center, the bus cannot board passengers after it has crossed the red line. Keep the volume of your conversations low — especially when talking on a cell phone.

Lost and found

No smoking or using electronic cigarettes on the bus, foune the Transit Center, or within 20 feet of any bus stop. Dance in deated areas, such as the floor area when permitted. More than 10, passengers use this facility every day.

Violation of these rules may result in refusal of service. Surfboards under 6 ft are allowed in the buses.

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If the bus has begun its departure, the driver cannot stop in the traffic lane to board passengers. Please do not enter restricted areas.

No profanity. Bicycles are not allowed inside the bus except folding bikes held by the passenger.

Lost or found a pet?

We can all count on a safe ride if we look out for each other! Based in Southern California, PRCP provides end-to-end sourcing, assessment, underwriting, valuing, developing, and asset management of retail real estate with a proven track record of repositioning retail properties.

Assist small children on and off the bus. You may visit between the hours of AM and PM Monday thru Friday however visitors are encouraged to report lost or misplaced articles using the link above.

Please adhere to the rules below so everyone can enjoy concerts together in a safe, fun environment. Marijuana smoking of any kind including vaping and electronic is not permitted. Stand back from the curb and keep children away from the curb while waiting for the bus to arrive.

Lost or found pets

Customer service representatives provide detailed trip planning services. You could slip and injure yourself. Small animals in approved carriers non-service animals may be brought on board. Take a seat as quickly as possible one seat per person and please keep your feet off the seats. No threatening language or gestures.