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My aunt sucked me

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My aunt sucked me

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My aunt thanked me, then told me I could have one if wanted. I was going to try and really milk staying at my aunts as much as possible while he was gone. I was in heaven. Then Niki held up a margarita glass saying they need refills. You acknowledge that we shall not be liable for any and all liability arising from your use of any third party websites.

Licking my balls and I came deep and hard in her throat. I then took the flirting further telling her, " Oh I intend to get all those frustrations out this summer".

I made plans with my aunt to see her new pool that coming Monday sometime in the afternoon. A couple seconds later I had recovered and looked down to see Niki looking up at me. She looked up at me, opened her mouth, then stuck out her tongue. It felt amazing. Her areola seemed very sensitive scrunching up tight becoming less then half the size they sunt been. Niki started gagging then pulled off. She is a slutty older nympho that I have thought about fucking for years.

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Then I wondered if I'd get lucky enough to be there when Niki might also be in the pool. I had decided to not masterbate all weekend. The front door was unlocked so I just went inside. She adjusted suckdd little as the second spurt covered her tongue from tonsils to the tip. Niki says " Here, is this what you wanted?

mee Then Penny spoke up, "So what do you think? I've only had one girlfriend in my life. She sucks cock just like her sister. Suxked my cock wasn't in shock. Niki made a cup with her tongue as the next two spurts filled her open mouth. I could sense her sitting down right next to me. My aunt spoke up saying she was too buzzed for any of that, she just needed to cool off a minute.

We have no right or ability to edit the content of any third party websites. I kept staring at my aunts tits then down at Niki looking up at me slobbing my suckde.

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She continued shaking her tits toying with me " Are you a tit man? They are 32 DD not a 42 DD. Then she put the suc,ed of my dick in her mouth and started bobbing on it. She talked about the water basketball set they had, and that I should come play. I never dreamed it would be this fucking hot.

I slept late wanting to have as much energy as possible just incase things went how I dreamed. She sat down next to me and we started kissing again. I was hypnotized by her ass cheeks rising and falling as she walked. Penny told me anytime I wanted to drop by would be fine. I wonder aung mom and auntie would be down to hang out when my dad is gone sometime?

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The two ladies looked at each other and giggled. I took the hint and started to do the same suucked her. Then I moaned as the first spurt shot out of my dick like a cannon. I looked down to see her lick from my balls all the way up to the tip of my shaft.

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Them versus me. Niki then kept flirting with me. I didn't hesitate anymore and lightly cupped the side of Niki's breasts. Mf broke off Niki and looked over at my aunt.

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Niki then got up and sat at the feet end of my aunts lounge chair. Her areolas were still very xucked even with her nipples being quite hard. She never broke eye contact as she closed her mouth and swallowed my load. I swam a few laps then noticed Niki had come back out.

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Then I heard the back door open up. I started getting busy with graduating school which prevented me much time to have a social life.

Knowing she had tasted my cum really got me off. I never understood the mentality. She was now fully stroking my cock. Niki was to my aunts right leaving another empty lounge chair to her right.

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She had the bathing suit in the other hand and tossed it toward her lounge chair. I proposed a game of water basketball.

She was very religious.