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Kick the dog syndrome

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Kick the dog syndrome

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We all have our defense mechanisms. Sometimes these stressors waylay us with personal condemnation, sometimes they demolish a sacred belief we hold dear, sometimes they are random, traumatic events. Whatever the stressor, we all have the same inborn psychological tendencies to deal with them—or not deal with them—to varying degrees of success.

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This can end up seriously hindering your personal and professional progress. As a result, when things are going well like my current role I spend an inordinate amount of time waiting for them to syndromf wrong. In that space, we can choose to be generous in the way that we view people. She yelped, backed away, and looked at me like the severely abused thing she was. Growing a Business Running a Business Share I was nine or 10 years old when my dad brought Chia — a black, long-haired Chihuahua— home to our farm in Idaho.

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Gotta grab some food and get back on board to pre-flight. Dad just happens to be in the way enough to get landed with the payoff punch. I felt so crummy.

The one most likely to receive this displaced anger might be the most vulnerable member of the family; or it may be the one perceived to be the most forgiving or trusted. Maybe the rug is not to blame and if I could get off this not-so-merry merry-go-round of health issues, I could stop tripping not only over the dog, but over anything my droopy foot deems too difficult to clear. The real thing to pay attention to is this: that when we experience anger or judgment, we want to purge it.

Did I ask the fueler if I need more fuel? In our response lies our growth and our freedom. What is happening in displacement—when we kick the dog, or blame the spouse—is the instinctive need to work something out of us and put it somewhere else.

Kicking the dog: the not-so-subtle art of displacement

We have stndrome hard time as a culture saying that something might be both unhealthy and unavoidable, but this is what displacement says. I have had to endure some really shitty workplaces and I've documented several aspects of my worst workplaces in this blog. The truth is, I feel like a bit of a fraud. Hmmm, Burger King is near our gates; I even have exact change. Not gonna kick the dog, not gonna kick the dog.

That space is where our misery or delight is decided. You can tell a lot about a person by their un willingness to joke about certain things, and how their jokes are told. Or maybe a four hour session under a strobe light to induce a string of seizures. This tje advice might make life smoother for your dog when you get home. Really, this is what defense mechanisms are evidence of.

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And unfortunately, everyone gets to be the dog sometime at the airport. Dogs, because of their non-human status and their fawning and obsequious nature, provide an easily understood proxy for the target of the anger. But to pay attention to ways we displace rather than the need to displace our pain is an error as old as the Pharisees. And instead of responding instantly, I draw a blank and stay quiet for half a second. I dial the hotel on my cell phone.

A man with whom the stakes were high and low all at once, highest to God and lowest to man, a lightning rod of displaced human sin. This half-second gives Chris enough time to not only retract the idea, but to apologize for even suggesting it.

Jokes about flabby stomachs and thinning hair are ways of telling the truth about our dispossession and deflating its importance synrdome us. Or step on her tail.

Kick the cat

An aggressive, competitive activity like free commerce breeds a lot of dog kickers; a lot of dog kickers breeds a lot of dogs kicked. In psychologya description of displacement a defense mechanism. Things that I find easy are very hard for some people. About the illustration: A relief by Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, date unknown. Now all decisions rest on the flight deck; each can be handled sensibly, quietly, without abstract criticism and senseless third-party interference.

Air travel and the “kick the dog” syndrome.

No hotel van. Finally, my turn. The way the job market values my skills, I deserve what I'm getting.