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How long is the bus ride from bangkok to chiang mai

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How long is the bus ride from bangkok to chiang mai

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It was once the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom.

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Second-class bunks in a fan carriage cost around —1, THB approximately 25—30 USDand bunks in air-conditioned carriages cost a little more. All thoughts on this and on our bangklk reflect our personal opinions. If you decide to go by bus it will take you about 10 hours, the train will take about 14 hours.

How to travel from bangkok to chiang mai

For the latest travel status, we recommend checking the official for Thailand. They have staff who speak English and they also accept credit cards! To avoid this, make sure that you have your valuables close to you and that you take the time to lock your bags.

Vote count: 6 No votes so far! We paid Baht for 4 people from the train station to our booked accommodation in the old town.

Chiang mai hotels and places to stay

If you can afford paying some extra baht, opt for VIP coaches bankgok 24 seats from THB which ensure enough space both for your legs and elbows. Click on a star to rate it! Otherwise you can catch a taxi, bangiok songthaew or a tuk-tuk to get to the centre. It is all wet for Songkran, which falls on April, 12—14, with revellers pouring water to each other and passers-by along the city moat. Train 13 leaves t 7.

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A 9-seats Toyota Commuter costs THB 13, and takes about 9 hours to travel between the two capitals. You can also reserve a ticket via phone but you need to pick it up within 24 hours. Compare fares and terms, as it can sometimes be worth paying a bit more for lony airfare if it includes a checked baggage allowance. Prices, noise, pollution and safety record do not make tuk-tuks a viable option for every time you want to go somewhere. Basically, only business travellers need to fly.

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Bangkok to chiang mai

Operating time is from 4. Sombat Tours They have clean buses and provide good service. You stop, you turn off the engine and in neutral gear your car will slowly start rolling up the hill. How long does it take to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai? A lot of tour agencies try to upsell you to get the VIP or deluxe bus-but really, they just put you on a regular one.

Lignite Tour Lignite buses provide plenty of legroom and the majority hos their buses appear to arrive on time or earlier than expected. A lot of the budget carriers have baggage restrictions so double check before booking your flight. But all buses are in generally good condition and are fairly comfortable for travelling this journey.

Find transport to chiang mai

Rooms sleep four and are lockable. The first and second class compartments are well equipped for comfort with seats that fold out into bunk beds avoid the top bunk if you are claustrophobic.

The Bangkok to Chiang Mai route is called the Northern Line and there are currently 6 trains per day, 2 of which are day trains. Bangko, It is a good idea to try something different while you are in Chiang Mai. Use the search widget below chixng click on the button below to find out the train schedules ahead of time. If you turn left you can visit the city of Sukhothai with its historical park.

How to get from bangkok to chiang mai [updated]

Getting around this way gives you tons of freedom to approach your holiday however you would like and go exploring; and to stay in Chiang Mai and not go exploring should be a crime. Services depart every two hours, and operate every day. You can contact Nakhonchai Air via their website as they are also a well-known operator for this route. There is a lot of theft that goes on in the buses some bus attendants climb in and take your valuables while the bus is moving.

This one had a vast family room that may even sleep 6 with private 2 toilet cubicles in the room. Toilets are absolutely fine by train standards. Check out these two websites as they also have full reviews for each bus company! Check details in advance, as not all services have each carriage type and all seating or sleeping options. Booking at least a day in advance of travel several days if your trip falls over a major Thai holiday is highly recommended to ensure that you get the tickets that you want.

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There are 5 ways to get from bangkok to chiang mai by plane, bus, train or car

You will for sure visit a fair amount of temples, do some hiking and trekking, or even white-water rafting or rock climbing. There are lots to do, things to see, and food to eat! Consider chartering one if you are longing for new experience; otherwise use rot daeng. Iss 2 stops are about an hour apart and will be the routes most used by foreigners.

Better don't visit the elephant park between Lamphang and Chiang Mai for riding on the gray giants, there are better places to get in touch with elephants. Gorgeous ancient wats and chedis — some of them dating back to XIII century — dot the city.

Chiang Mai has abundant accommodation options and prices are good. Bicycles are the easiest way to get around and can be rented from chiwng every guesthouse.