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How do you say youre not interested politely

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How do you say youre not interested politely

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Especially if it's by someone who you aren't into. I spoke to onterested clinical psychotherapist and relationship expert Dr. LeslieBeth Wish about the best way to let someone know you aren't into them. Before taking the plunge, however, Dr.

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The more you sugar coat it, the longer it will hurt him. That's all you can do.

But first, choose the right method for your break-up communication

Why ghost someone who could turn out to be a great friend? Affirm how much it means that they invited us; acknowledge how much you admire them. And lots houre people ghost merely because they feel awkward talking to the person; it's especially tempting to ghost when you've met the person off of a dating app since the virtual beginnings nor it seem like less of a big deal. So I don't think it would be right to go on another date.

9 ways to let him know you’re not interested

All you can do hoq reduce the impact it has on him by emphasising why you decided to leave him, and if it's his fault, tell him about it so he can better himself and move on. You also don't need to give a reason, though. LeslieBeth Wish about the best way to let someone know you aren't into them.

I find that sugarcoating it too much ex "I'm just not into a relationship right now" won't give the guy the right message and he is more likely to sit around and wait for you to be ready. Rejection sucks no matter how much you sugar coated so you may as well be clear.

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Because ultimately, we have to ask ourselves: is this a relationship I want to completely end in which case I am a strong believer that we owe it to them to explain why or is this simply a relationship I don't want to keep investing in a ton but interrested more than happy to still see her at parties or at the places we both frequent and keep up with her here and there? Then check in with yourself so you can clarify your no.

Say, "We are really great as friends, and I would never want to risk our friendship. These pressures become internalized, and it seems a whole lot easier to just fade away than have to risk emasculating a man with the words, "No, I'm not interested.

Krupnick spoke to a year-old woman who has a fill-in-the-blank text saved in her phone so that she doesn't have to spend hours anxiously rewriting a text in an effort to not appear "mean. Face to face after 3 or more dates If you think there will be drama, do interestex in a public place that still has some privacy a park works great AND have a clear exit plan in place. I used to think every friendship was supposed to become a best friend as though it had to be all or nothing, but I'm learning to really value that while I can't be close and intimate with everyone I like, I can still be happy they're in my life.

Sample Scenarios Of course this is a hard question to answer because there are so many levels of friendships and varied reasons why we're saying no, but hopefully if I can give a couple of examples of how I'd say it, that gow help get the ball rolling Regardless of your approach, being rejected is probably going to be painful for them.

Here's how to reject someone nicely, according to 10 women who have done it

As Christine Schoenwald writes for Bustle, " Ghosting is what flaky, shady cowards do. I spoke to d clinical psychotherapist and relationship expert Dr. Once sayy, she'll avoid looking at her phone for hours because the message makes her so uneasy, but at least the message is sent and she has done the most respectful thing that she can in the situation.

Simply ignoring women or continuing to act interested even when we're not isn't being honest with them, isn't leaving us feeling aligned, and it's contributing to our collective fear po,itely if someone isn't reaching out to us that it means they don't like us, which isn't always the case. There has to be another way.

Can anyone give me a polite way of saying "not interested"?

For one, women are already socialized to tou people-pleasers in general, and we are especially taught to be people-pleasers when it comes to men. Another young woman that Krupnick spoke to actually has her friends write the breaking-off text for her since she knows she will talk herself out of it. Perhaps we don't know the words to use, or find that even communicating a rejection over text is too awkward. Additionally, everyone has different preferences, so what annoys you might be attractive to someone else.

With that being said, let's talk about what dp can do the next time you are considering ghosting.

If he pushes ro a reason, repeat the statement and cut off communication. According to an Elle. But at least you tried, you know?

Consider how you can share this issues with them in the kindest words possible. Instead, acknowledge how they feel but restate your intention to break things off.

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Images: Fotolia; Giphy 3. Women are often made to feel that they are awful, villainous deceivers for genuinely wanting to initiate a friendship. So why not ask them if you can just be friends? Are you obligated to say anything after one date? You don't owe any explanation ever.

You can rise above this, no matter how terrifying a "heeeey, I don't think I see this going anywhere" poliely may be trust me, I know. It actually feels really good, as much as you may dread it. Text messages are a blessing for those of us who have paralyzing fears of confrontation. Own your feelings and state them. But tell me what kinds of relationships you're trying to build and maybe I can help introduce you to people?

You can, of course, alter this wording to be more reflective of your tone, but it's a pretty good template if you're at a loss. Ghosting, if you don't already know, means that you just disappear stop responding to texts, phone yoire, etc.

3 ways to end something without ghosting

While there are many uncool reasons why ghosting is a thing, we can't ignore the ways women have been conditioned to deal with unwanted advances from men when we talk about why we choose to ghost. Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage? And that's really messed up to do to a person that you would consider a friend.