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Gorgeous irish men

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Gorgeous irish men

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This Dubliner is a silver fox in the making. Kenneth Branagh Northern Ireland. James Nesbitt. Tim P.

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Getty Images If he was good enough for Charlize Theron, he is more than good enough for us. Harrison Ford 13 July - American actor and producer, Irish on the paternal side. It is everything clear with ordinary guys - they do not try to stand out, they are everywhere. Send him this way at once.

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But if you are really ageist, beholding a young Gabriel in Miller's Crossing will silence you, you little upstart! So cop on people, and start admiring all of his face. Michael Fassbender.

Due to respectful attitude toward women and kind quiet nature handsome Irish men are the ideal partner for life. For any Irish gorgwous a family and his home are the main things in life. Colin Farrell 31 May - Irish film actor. Keane is one of the hottest men to ever come out of Ireland, just don't make him angry Festivities, celebrations are in the blood of this cheerful nation. Well mostly.

Colin Farrell The alpha Irish sexy man. Cast a spell on us you adorable Northern Irish man! All Irish guys care about household, cook dinner, wash the dishes. Aidan Turner From the moment mean, moody and misunderstood Ross Poldark played by dreamboat Aidan Turner rode into Cornwall on his horse we knew it was love.

Tim P. Damian McGinty. It's just impossible to not get excited while looking at this picture.

Just eight percent of Irish men who applied to land their profiles on the picky, Los Angeles-based site were successful -- even less than last year's chart, where Ireland at least shared the wooden spoon with Poland and the United Kingdom. Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Day-Lewis. Not even Jamie Dornan?

GardaĆ­ renew appeal for missing irish teenager who 'could be in uk'

Colin O'Donoghue 26 January - Irish actor of television, film and theater. James "Jamie" Dornan 1 May - Irish actor, model and musician. Jonathan Rhys Meyers 27 July - Irish film actor. Chris O'Dowd.

The sexiest irish men of all time

Nen quickly cast him in an Irish role. They say beauty is only skin deep. James Nesbitt. They can perform the promise for a long time. Kenneth Branagh Northern Ireland.

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The fact that he is rarely on stage without a bowl of red wine? Come on!

But in fact, that is just the stereotype. Aidan Turner 19 June - Irish actor.

The official ranking of the 26 hottest irish men in hollywood

Michael Fassbender!! Irish males know how to have fun too. Many who apply still send in a selfie shot a the pub, with a pint in hand. New analysis of data from beautifulpeople.

Carnival Films Such a perfect face. Guys in this country are very welcoming and hospitable people.

Irish men ranked least attractive in the world

There are a few males with red hair in Ireland. Get up outta that!

Multi-generational appeal. The cheeky Irish boy from Harry Potter has grown up. Yes, funny men ARE hot. What's not to like?

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Derek Ryan - Irish country music singer. Advertisement Paul Galvin 7. If the Irish man said he would do something today, it could be mdn or even the day after. If we could get them all in a room, we would.