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Gay cum swallowing stories

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Gay cum swallowing stories

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Some oral. Some anal. I enjoyed every minute but had gone for about 3 years with no male contact. At 40 I decided I had to act on my urges and my biggest curiousity was swallowing a full load of cum from another guys cock.

Age: 22
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: Wants Nsa
City: Purdy, Wessington
Hair: Blond copper
Relation Type: Iso Female 2get2gether Now. I'm In Shape Hung & Have Partyfavors&420

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Words cannot describe the excitement and pleasure I got from giving myself my first blowjob ever.

As I entered the dark theater I sat down in the back row and as I watched the movie I noticed that I had sat between two men who were slowly pumping their sexy man cocks. My thirst has never diminished swalloowing is as strong as ever.

He asked how many black dicks a young swwallowing like me gotten to suck. Much larger than my tiny 5 inch cock. I unlocked my door and sat back down.

I sucked as much of his long shaft into my mouth as I could get. Most of his jizz shot right ewallowing my throat. We looked directly eye to eye and he pulled my head to his and put his tongue in my mouth. This made me so happy. I pulled off and looked up at him and with sincere passion in my eyes and heart and I said yes.

I impatiently worked out his dick and engulfed it with my cock sucking mouth. Just a little background on me, this may help you to understand my stories better. We both waited forever in the long lines and we made our dance of wanting sex. Like I was in another world, I savored the taste and my mind was confirming what I wanted from then on. A black stud I hooked up with at the main cruising spot here in town, was working a third shift as a house sitter of a convalescent home.

I started eating my own cum as I longed for the real thing but had yet experienced it.

I swallow every time

After the dense shots decreased, he continued to ooze lots of slower offerings of nut juice. Then again it may not. I was sitting on the floor, leaning back on the bed and Aaron was standing near me as the three of us talked. Putting his hand on my head, Aaron started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, each time pushing it farther down my throat.

This is a true story about events from my life after high school which have lead to my being a sissy for BBC big black cock.

Suck my big dick and get that big load from me. I had gotten a job at a local restaurant and was starting in a few days.

He said I am even cuter with his long hard cock in my hungry mouth. After a moment, he said the bathroom gzy cool.

My first taste of cum

I have never written a story before, and have also never told anyone about my past. Being an attractive young blonde, men were very willing to offer dick for my mouth. This happened a couple times a month. I swished his load around my mouth and my tongue became wtories with texture and flavor of my first cum load. In fact I'm now probably more appreciative and grateful when I have sperm in my stomach.

Swallowing my friends cum

I persisted my invitation and he finally made the move. I understood and opened wide and extended my tongue.

I smiled and said yes. I noticed a chlorine flavor but it didn't swallowing me. I swirled the sperm vigorously while studying its' taste. My body was completely in his hands as he feverishly worked my cock. He never knew, at least if he did, he never said anything.

Looking sex

I absolutely love cum on my tongue, sliding down my throat, and filling my stomach. There were a few cars parked there, so we parked in the back the library was still open. I wanted every delicious millimeter of his wonderful dick in my cock sucking mouth. I finally fell fast asleep.

Perhaps my hunger for having a black man's cum in my stomach is partially mental. His musky man scent had a mix of cologne, soap, and a little sweat.

He got through his line before me and when I was finished, I quickly swal,owing to find him in the parking lot. Everyone had gone and it was just the two of us. He told me how good that felt and how hot it was to watch me swallow it all for him.

The main reason Looked like you enjoyed my cum. David came in and we cracked a couple of beers.

Just before he was about to blow he had me stand directly in front of him and massage his cock. The man seated to my left then stood in front of me and ordered me to suck his cock which I eagerly did and at tht very moment I knew that I would always be a submissive cocksucker to dominant verbal men who demand getting a good cocksucking and feeding me their creamy yummy lo of man cum and order me to eat every creamy drop of it!

Most people see my actions as taboo and like most humans, that inspires my rebellious side.

Free erotic stories

I gestured again, and he pointed his crotch towards the hole and rubbed his underwear. His dark brown hair matched his mysterious dark brown eyes. Taste that big sperm serving. I'm much more satisfied swaolowing fed cum from a black cock. I extremely loved having dick in my mouth and appropriately, my first was very big.