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Excalibur quotes

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Excalibur quotes

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Merlin : Yes. Arthur : No riddles? Nothing but a simple "yes"? That frightens me. Merlin : But a King should be afraid, Arthur, always Waiting, everywhere.

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Drink from the chalice and you will be reborn and the land with you.

Quotes from the movie excalibur

Arthur : And who is Merlin? Lancelot: Then come across, sir. Uther No-one shall have the sword! Lacrimae Mundi; the tears of the world. Excalibur completed its run in You are trapped yourself, by the same sorcery you used to deceive my mother. You promised me the sword! As the king embarks on a passionate love affair with Guenevere, an illegitimate son, and Merlin's des on power, threaten Arthur's reign.

Excalibur (film) quotes

I once stood exposed to the Dragon 's Breath so that a man could lie one night with a woman. When a man lies, he murders some god of the world.

Do it. I shall find a man, and give birth to a god. For by the law of God, no knight qutes is false can win in combat with one who is true.

Sword of kings! You sit at the Round Table. Tomorrow, a truce; we meet at the river.

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Example: Alright. Use the magic. Uryens: In the name of GodSt. Merlin: Behold Excalibur!

“excalibur” quotes

I can't give up hope, Lancelot. Then you shall have it. Because it seems we have. Arthur : Whose son am I? Merlin: Ride!

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Then Kay is not my brother? Lancelot carried my honor, and Guenevere, my guilt. The one God comes to drive out the many gods. In the land of dreams. Uther : Talk.

Excalibur (film) quotes

Ector: [before the battles of unification] All these men are loyal. Arthur : Are you a dream, Merlin?

The spirits of wood and stream grow silent. When a man lies he murders some part of world. Uther: Where have you been?

Any man who would be a knight and follow a king, follow me! And I have yet to find a King worthy of my sword. It's not qoutes you, Uther-- hearth and home, wife and. He also stands accused. Morgana: [to Merlin] You fool! I don't know how. Mordred bears my sins.

I have lived through others for far too long. Try not.

I couldn't have done it. Prepare for battle!

At first, I did so because I feared Merlin, but later because I loved you. Back to where you are now.

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Nothing but a simple "yes"? Arthur Ready my knights for battle. You shall have it; but to heal, not to hack Foretold by a wizard. Their power is Excalibur. Merlin You will be the land, and the land will be you.

Merlin : Can't I acknowledge beauty? It took me nine moons to recover.