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Dating a female black belt

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So sure, I'd date her if I was attracted. And finally, being a bit more serious, if the girl is a proper black belt in martial arts, then she wouldn't resort dwting those skills out of anger. I'd expect her to be a very mentally disciplined and balanced individual, strong not only in body, but also in mind. I am not sure what sort of belt she had I'll ask her when she comes homebut she's not the type who would ever apply those skills to someone who wasn't posing a great threat to her.

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She is healthy and fit Martial arts is a full body exercise and a person practicing it regularly over a long period of time is bound to obtain a healthy and fit body. Obviously, this tends to favour women. I study kung fu but not so great that it.

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She respects and values herself. After all there should be no surprise that a man with no fighting training at all is no match for a woman with professional level martial arts expertise. I have a rather traditional view of masculinity when it comes to personality vemale physical traits. Practicing and perfecting martial arts skills also requires lots of humility.

A common prejudice about female martial arts practitioners is that they are volatile and prone to use violence and would therefor constitute a danger to their husbands. This was a real eye opener and I started to question the many gender stereotypes we have in society. So even though I am a healthy, fit, year-old man who is ificantly taller, heavier and stronger than her, she can easily wipe the floor with me.

When a woman is better at this, it can instinctively be interpreted by a man as if he losing some of his manliness. I would say the contrary is true — there is a lot blaci focus on discipline and self control and restraint in martial arts training, datin there are strict rules for martial artists to not use their fighting skills on other people except in self defence.

But why is that?

Nelt react in very different ways when they find out I am married to a woman who is better than me at fighting. Confidence can make a woman more sexy and obviously so can being healthy, fit and flexible too. She is now a black belt and works as a hapkido and self defence instructor. Datint are used to seeing themselves as the protectors in a relationship, therefore fighting is seen as something closely related to the male identity.

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So in these ways, martial arts can add to the sexiness. For me as her husband, that feels very good to know and makes me worry less about her safety. Basic human instinct also plays a role here.

Thus a female martial artist is much less — not more — likely to get violent or throw fits of screaming rage towards her husband. Here balck some tell-tale s that you might just have the coolest girlfriend in the world: She still likes manicures and pedicures but usually ruins them in a week by fighting and kicking focus p.

Seven reasons being married to a black belt woman is great

There is also a fear of being femalw fun of. If a woman has achieved a level of martial arts skills where she is able to defeat a much bigger and stronger man in hand to hand combat, she has very likely also achieved a very high level of discipline, restraint and emotional control.

Literally or figuratively She is a confident, beautiful badass, and you are lucky to have her! So sure, I'd date her if I was attracted. Address.

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They are much more about technique, speed, balance, body coordination and flexibility than size, weight and raw strength. Share this:. So I have nothing to worry about as far as I see it. In other words, a huge ego is the projection of false confidence, and that is annoying and rarely a good thing.

1. she is confident

There are of course exceptions to this general rule there are small and physically weak men and very big and muscular womenbut what really offsets the stereotype when blacl comes to self defense and fighting, is martial arts training. Few things are more linked to gender stereotypes than physical strength and the ability to fight.

In hapkido, the black belt skills take years worth of hard training and taking in instructions to master — and the techniques often appear counter intuitive, so it takes a lot of disciplined and patient practice, to perfect them. This fact in itself generates self-confidence and empowerment, dtaing any major achievements in life.

She is confident As a black belt she has worked long and hard for a goal and achieved it.

My wife is a black belt in martial arts

And a confident person is generally more pleasant to be around than a nervous and insecure person, right? I will never forget the first time she showed me some of her fighting skills. Men are expected to be much better than women at bel, simply because we are generally bigger and stronger than women. There is prejudice around women who practise martial arts, people think they will be prone to violence.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, a woman practicing martial arts will gain real confidence.

Would you date a girl that had a black belt in martial arts?

My friend did karate and his father was even a 10th degree black belt himself. Fighting was almost exclusively about physical size and strength — and obviously it would have made sense to assume a bigger and stronger man would always have a huge advantage over a smaller woman.

I only use it for my mind but not really physically. Getting my butt kicked by Leticia made me feel quite frustrated and embarrassed. However, bdlt could be further from the truth.