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Changing room sex stories

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Changing room sex stories

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The dress was a lovely fit, but all my bras peaked out the top of it, so it called for something new. In Contessa I grabbed a couple of likely looking bras and headed into the fitting room.

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However, there was still one guy hanging around the clothes racks, trying to looking into the dressing room.

Again and again he stretched and opened out my aching cunt. The young man walked to the front of the store, looked around and left. It was the type where you could see in a gap at the side.

The car stopped and a man asked me if I wanted a ride. I started getting excited, she moved into the changing room and me and my cousin were still stood there pretending to be waiting for someone. Now inthings were a bit more mainstream, but still left of center compared to the rest of America.

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As I did so, I caught a glimpse of his pubic hair. He was wearing a very short pair of shorts, a T-shirt and sandals.

Bending slightly, I pushed back to rub my ass into his crotch; a huge erection nestled between my ass cheeks. I moved to my right, near another rack of clothes, to get a better angle to see the young eoom.

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When she was exposed like that she finally realized that the curtain was open and quickly pulled it shut. I turned off the shower Teasing me, he withdrew to the very tip. Again the curtain was slightly open. We both had creamy The seniors on the team decided that they wanted to take over a remote section of the l When she reached over to hang it up to grab the last one she stretched across the curtain opening and gave us all a good side view of her pert little 34 B cup breasts. Extremely tight.

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By: alexb21 Category: Gay Male Score: 4. Louise was still at the cash register.

Then swabbed doom silky material over my slit. He abruptly stood up, said he wanted to try on a few pairs of jeans he had selected, and asked where the changing room was.

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Everyone showed up at a. Elizabeth got out of the vehicle and gave herself a once over. My eyes immediately went to his now-bare chest. Then she took off her blouse to show a white bra.

For his part, he was totally nonchalant. Salty… Seawater? As she turned i caught a glimpe of her dark bush through the lacey knickers, so she was'nt a natural blonde.

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It was 3pm sharp, and college was finally over. But all of a sudden, here was a handsome young man flashing me — apparently unintentionally. Carefully, I licked all traces of our juices from his cock, then his balls. By: lauralonglegs Category: Taboo Score: 4.

I led him to the back corner of the store. Kie ran his palms over the material of the bra cups.

Mm…one paper tissue was not going to do it! There did not seem to be anyone around, except a guy in a suit by the counter.

One of his hands left my hip, running down to stroke the sodden material covering my sex. He then called me over.

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We watched Stacey standing there back turned to us wearing only her little dark purple satin g-string panties. Thank god he was holding me; my legs nearly gave way, dropping my weight onto his cock. It had been a long time, and I never much liked giving head. I was once again standing next to her changing room and as she turned around to undress she closed the curtains, but I quickly and quietly pushed it open and hurried back to my seat. Feeling slightly guilty, I dabbed my stockinged thighs clean.

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By: speedodave Category: Gay Male Score: 4. I knew I should pull it shut since I was standing right there, but instead I went back to the chair and sat back down. We had to wait for our parents who were looking around the clothes section. His face buried in my hair, hissing words I could not hear through clenched teeth, Roo, fucked himself dry.

After all, I was old enough to be his mother — 49 years old, to be exact. Can you get me one?