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Boob chat

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Boob chat

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Guys, i found a lump in my boob yesterday. My doctor is only doing phone appointments cant really check a lump over the phone Im also on 12 week lockdown as i have bad asthma.

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Had covid symptoms 2 weeks ago- cough and struggling to breathe but didnt feel like asthma. Leave a Reply. March 25,am 2 Oh bless you angeliki - this is such a difficult time for bopb.

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Maybe give your GP a call and get a phone chat booked, and then this can be used as a time to re-assure you, or to find out what next steps might be in your specific circumstances? There are many possible causes like a spot or infection, an insect bite, allergy or irritation from a bra or a change in washing detergent or fragranced soap or moisturiser and even a heat rash.

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Obviously, there is nothing like having fun with Omegle in your free time or whenever you feel down. Guys, char found a lump in my boob yesterday.

I would give it a week and see if it clears up by itself, if it doesn't or you bob further changes then do get it checked out by your GP to see what they have to say. Hence being scared to go out. Breathing eased off but yesterday started getting tight again.

At the moment most surgeries are offering telephone or video appointments but if needed can arrange a face to face appointment. It lets you to peep into completely different world and different cultures. BUT she loved them both so who am I to judge, live and fhat live I say.

Best wishes. My chest is tight and achey too. Just come to this website and start browsing for likeminded people — enjoy video chat with them and you will feel happy after some great conversations with some interesting people around here.

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Have you had a phone appointment with the doctor to talk it through, and also to chat through the breathing difficulties? What should i do about the lump? Btw just so as you know I am a feminist. Was given steroids and told to isolate. Very rarely will it be the result of breast cancer. And yes laying beside Karina looking at her burgundy lace bra cupping high round breasts they did indeed look womanly fabulous, her bust profile was exquisitely proportioned to her slim body frame not porn star pneumatic balloons, yuck no!

Numbness in left arm and pains in left boob

Oh dearie me how an earth am I going to try and explain this one away however before reading remember I both respect women and adore their boobs well all I can say is you will have your own opinions by the end! There can be many reasons for skin changes and most will be harmless and settle after a short while. Or have you phoned on Covid, and the lump?

She could have died! The service has ramped up to help us, and also have a good triage system in place too; so if they do feel like you need to be seen either due to your own personal symptoms around Covid, or the lump, there are processes in place to enable this to happen. Take care. Super scared of going to the doctors with this virus around!

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I really feel for you. The lump is a bit smaller than a golfball and is tender But my boobs are both achey at the moment for a few days nownot sure why. She got out of bed at one point to click it back into position. Shepherdson My doctor is only doing phone appointments cant really check a lump over the phone Im also on 12 week lockdown as i have bad asthma.