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Blue stars pill report

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Blue stars pill report

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Yes User Blke This is my first reagent test ever conducted. I took video of the reactions, so I can post those too if that would help. We had a light dinner 3 hours earlier.

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Melbourne, (inner) eastern suburbs

Everyone minds their own for a bit, finding their own spot on the dance reprt. Nobody did, but they all discovered that they almost did when they talked about the night.

Perhaps it's because he preloaded a bit eggs, salmon, milk, and tons of grapefruit juicebut maybe it's just because these rolls are good. This is my first report and MDMA experience so constructive criticisms are appreciated. We haven't rolled for 2. Persons A and B are rolling too hard to talk coherently, and among other things etars talking to people who don't exist.

Light our scented candles.

Before falling asleep we both have intense closed eye visuals. Usually we cant keep our hands stxrs each other, and I usually have this very intense feeling of wanting to catch up with old friends and family members. I also felt very calm and actually enjoyed driving to go get some food which is not normal, driving usually stresses me out. People involved: A, B, C, D.

Was a little overwhelmed and I mentally dampened down the buzz a little. I was happy and exiced, but there was something more.

Derry city / donegal, ireland

I enjoyed it really much, but it was no clean MDMA. An important thing to keep in mind. Overall, that was fucking the best time Person A has ever had with ecstasy. pkll

Starting to clinch my jaw so I pop in my favorite rolling sucker strawberry shortcake and oh man it was disgusting! C is rolling even harder than hlue else, because apparently he ingested all his via dissolving under the tongue, and did them minutes apart from one another. When we get to the back door the vertical vinyl blinds were moving back and forth kinda like a wavy accordion motion, like the feeling of eye wiggles, but more of a wavy visual effect.

No problem with eating or something.

I feel like I am only standing but my body was dancing. Later in the night, however, he got a pink heart and made everyone else jealous.

He melts a second roll on his tongue. Oh and was also drinking like a fish but i think it was just the environment of the gig So there's no way reeport tell what pill did what. No headaches and feeling very energized.

This put me in a steady state buzz, really pleasent feeling not speedy at all. I feel like I'm drunk, I start seeing things frame by frame. No blurred vision but lots of teeth grinding.

Person D feels nothing, even after double-dropping the blue 24's. Starting to feel something so we put on some psytrance.

Way to go Person C. Just feeling very tired and ready to start winding down.

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Wakes up early not relort too bad. No real come up was noticed. There is only too much energy even if you sleep and wake up tomorrow. We hop in my friends car, successfully get some pizza and then go the fuck home to rest and recover from a truly epic night. It's a bit annoying.

Effect came after 30 mins since I consumed it. Yes User Report This is my first reagent test ever conducted. Talking alot about how great and different this trip has srars. It left a very bad chemical taste on the back of my tounge, had to spit it out and rinse with water.